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D : LVJ Band Members

Listen here to Lucky Vamp Band LIVE:

In addition to Sally, Mark and Mike 
the rest of the band
consists of many other musicians, including:

Trevor Britton
Double Bass / Bass guitar

Began playing in Soul bands in the 60's. 
Somehow found time to study music at Chichester College, 
not enough to cause any long term damage though. 

Been active in most areas of music since from Bluegrass 
to Musical Theatre, various Jazz Ensembles, 
Orchestral and Brass Quintet, (also plays Tuba). 

Worked in dance bands with the old guys in the 70's - 
chords written on Papyrus formerly used for the Dead Sea Scrolls, 
although they seldom used them (the chords). 

Met Mike Carey on a gig some years ago.  
Still the same chords but with a touch of magic - 
and printed on better paper. 

Guitar - Gordan Murray

Bob Mount
Studied (studied??) percussion at the RAF School of Music.  
For many years earned dodgy living 
in the uncertain world of music including 
backing cabaret, theatre, CIRCUS! 

                          Summer Seasons, Pubs, Clubs and so on. 
                                         Taught drums on and off.  
                             Also plays piano in various R&B bands.

                                     Simon Brewin
Bass guitar / Guitar 

Simon Brewin has been playing music nearly all his life and studied at Berklee College of Music in the USA.  
He has been performing nationally for 16 years including venues such as the 606 club and the Barbican.  
He ran the jazz duo 'Indigo' for 10 years and currently works in a number of bands including 'The Dave Masters Big Band.
&B bands.

Saxophone - Mark Abel

Guitar - Alan Bradley

Drums - Dave Chivers

Trombone - Daniel Rehahn

Double Bass / Bass guitar - Freddie Sargent

Trumpet - Martijn van Galen